This is a personal project to improve my knowledge of ZBrush. The project starts with a quick sketch in a museum during my vacation in Japan. I love mythology, strange events, tales of terror and this sort of thing. So I decided to make a personal challenge giving a bit of life to this drawing.
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Coco: The portrait

Making a portrait of my dog. I love french bulldogs! But this is just a 3d sketch of the final project, the way is too long and I want improve this renders…
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Badalona LOW POLY

Welcome to Badalona! This is a personal project in developement that aims to make me leran the way of low poly keys. The picture is an interpretation of  «el Pont del Petroli», placed in the beach of Badalona. It is an icon of this city, so I decided to start my project from it. But the idea is to make this project bigger, and most potencial targets are the church of Santa Maria, Magic Mall and Sant Jeroni monastery. Let’s meet Badalona…
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