My name is Joan Anton. I’m a Digital Artist and I love all 3D staff. So, I can turn into reality all you can imagine: Architecture, Stands, Industrial Pieces & Assemblies, Concept Design for Advertisement or Video Games, Illustration…
In order to make it possible I use a lot of tools: Drawing and Sketching, Digital Art, 3D Software, Engineering software, etc. I’ve worked for many great brands & companies like Luxottica (Ray-Ban, Chanel, Arnette, Persol… In the world of sunglasses), Oakley, Yamaha, Desigual, ISDIN, Areas, El Corte Inglés, Prima Derm, General Dynamics, Al Musbah Group, Adidas, Bimbo, and others.

I live in Barcelona, but nowdays there’s no problem to work for companies arround the world with Internet. So, you can call: 615 913 663

You can send to me an e-mail:

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In other words: my job


I have experience in 3d for Architecture Studios. My specialty is 3d for Retail Design, Buildings, Product. But  I can do all you can imagine, without limits. Even If I don´t know how to do it, I accept the challenge and It will be all right. This is how I work.


Amazing images from Computer Graphics, made in 3d software or not... I like 2D staff like Digital Paintting, Animated GIFs, Pixel Art, Vectorial Graphics, Infographies...I can create designs for catalogues, packagings and beautiful graphic design materials. All you need for books, magazines, banners, advertising...


creative concepting

In fact, this is the first thing that designers and creative profesionals do. We put a lot of ideas in our sketchbook and then we feed each one. They almost always grow up until become in something awesome.